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Overactive bladder, OAB

What is OAB:

OAB is a condition which leads to a strong, uncontrollable urge to urinate at unexpected times. Some people with OAB also have unexpected and uncontrollable urine…
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OAB Symptoms:

Overactive bladder has a variety of symptoms which include:
– Urinary urgency. Strong, sudden urges to urinate.
– Frequent urination. The need to urinate at least eight times in a day.

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OAB Myths & Facts:

Some people blame a small bladder for frequent leaks, but your body’s normal “capacity” is rarely the true cause of a life-disrupting problem.
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OAB Risk Factors:

As you age, you’re at increased risk of developing overactive bladder. You’re also higher risk of diseases and disorders, such as …

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Testing for OAB:

If you have an abnormal urge to urinate, your doctor will check to make sure that you don’t have an infection or blood in your urine…

OAB Prevention Tips

OAB Prevention Tips:

These healthy lifestyle choices may reduce your risk of overactive bladder…
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